On the Road to Austin Psych Fest 2013

I’m so excited to finally release this promo for Austin Psych Fest & Laced With Romance Vintage. The 6th annual Austin Psych Fest will be held this weekend, April 26-28th, at Carson Creek Ranch. Laced With Romance has curated the Fest’s retail vendors¬† for the last four years and as always, will have their own pop-up shop with a selection of new and vintage pieces. For line-up information, check out James’ PROMO VIDEO. Tickets and camping passes available at austinpsychfest.com. We hope to see you there!!!

Video: Alta Real Pictures

Art Direction: Stephanie Villalobos /// Styling: Laced With Romance Vintage

Set Design: Christinah Rose Barnett, Ari Guerrero, & Marie Ely

Hair: Sara Cummings /// Make-up: Jacqueline Fernandez

Models: Sara Cummings & Callie Hernandez /// Extras: Chris Catalena, Sean Faires, Casey Seymour, Christinah Rose Barnett, Ari Guerrero, & Marie Ely

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  • Heather said:

    Well, these are just incredible. Go Briana!

  • Geoff said:

    This is awesome. You are awesome.

    • Briana Purser Photography said:

      Thanks Geoff!